2019 events to be announced.

Saturday May 12, 2018: OPEN STUDIONS: Liz Collins, Emma Kohlmann, Sinta Tantra 

Saturday June 9, 2018: OPEN STUDIONS: Rena Detrixhe, Las Hermanas Iglesias, Camille Lee

Saturday July 7, 2018: OPEN STUDIONS: Mahwish Chishty, Mónica Palma, Elise Rasmussen 

Saturday August 4, 2018: OPEN STUDIONS: Theresa Chromati, Katiushka Melo, Rebecca Reeve                             

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Saturday September 2, 2017: SUMMER FÊTE & OPEN STUDIOS: Leah Dixon, Macon Reed, Mia Taylor

For further information about the 2017 artists-in-residence, please click here.