Leah Dixon Installation and Mia Taylor Works on Paper, STONELEAF RESIDENCY 2017

Leah Dixon Installation and Mia Taylor Works on Paper, STONELEAF RESIDENCY 2017

STONELEAF 2019 RESIDENCY OPEN CALL: *Applications are now closed. Successful applicants will be notified prior to May 1, 2019

STONELEAF is pleased to announce its 2019 residency dates and open call for artists-in-residence. Following the success of last year, the residency will continue to welcome women only. In addition to visual artists, STONELEAF accepts applications from art writers and curators who would benefit from dedicated time and space to work on a project. Preference will be given to artists with a focus on social practice and to those who can best demonstrate how being at STONELEAF will enable them to realize an idea.

The 2019 program will consist of three two-week residencies for nine artists, running in June, July and August 2019. During each residency, there will be communal dinners and invited arts professionals will join for studio visits. The deadline is 11.59PM EST on Monday, April 15, 2019.

STONELEAF Alumni include: Mahwish Chishty, Theresa Chromati, Liz Collins, Rena Detrixhe, Leah Dixon, Las Hermanas Iglesias, Emma Kohlmann, Camille Lee, Katiushka Melo, Mónica Palma, Elise Rasmussen, Rebecca Reeve, Macon Reed, Sinta Tantra and Mia Taylor.

MAHWISH CHISHTY, ‘Helen and Eric were amazing hosts! They facilitated very comfortable living space, spacious studios and communal homemade dinners. As a result, STONELEAF was a perfect balance between privacy/isolation to focus on creating work and socialization/getting to know each other.’

THERESA CHROMATI: ‘The most gorgeous Wildflowers lined the cabin where I lived and I fell in love with them. During this residency I started to incorporate flowers into my paintings, or what I like to call them “scrotum flowers”, as objects of power. The environment was truly calm and inspiring.’

LIZ COLLINS: ‘For me STONELEAF was pure magic—peace, laughter, friendship, ease, comfort, solitude, support.... it feels now like a beautiful and very real dream. One of the strongest memories of my short, but long and full-feeling 2 weeks there was the runs I went on almost daily. To be free to wake up slowly after a late night of working in the studio, then go for a run up and down Ashokan Road-being so deep in nature-and to be able to have the time to be completely present in the run, rather than thinking what am I’m going to do next....that kind of freedom and open ended time in this intimate, quiet, place that emanates love and care.....That is what I took away- a feeling of complete serenity. STONELEAF is a very special place.’

RENA DETRIXHE, ‘My residency at STONELEAF retreat was generative and stimulating, I felt at home from the moment I arrived. The beautiful studio and surroundings are complimented by the warmth and humor of the generous hosts, Helen and Eric. This place is truly special.’

LEAH DIXON: ‘The physical space, setting, and time provided at STONELEAF allowed me to conceive of, and work on a large-scale project that would have been very difficult to achieve in the city. And thanks to Helen and Eric's keen curatorial ability to bring people together, the other artists in residence and I formed a deep interest, and personal stake in each other's work.’ 

EMMA KOHLMANN, ‘I was able to have the focus I needed to get projects done while simultaneously having a community of artists to commune with. I really loved my experience at STONELEAF as form of active relaxation. Where you can do your work at your own pace with support around you.’

MONICA PALMA, ‘STONELEAF is a space run with passion and commitment. I was pleasantly surprised that I got so much work done and still got time to swim in the river and watch the sunset at the reservoir.’

ELYSE RASMUSSEN, ‘STONELEAF RETREAT was a wonderful and welcoming experience. It provided an idyllic working environment and I felt very supported and extremely welcomed by Helen and Eric. The residency allowed me the opportunity to make new work while decompressing from city life and I am grateful for the time spent and the new friendships forged.’

MACON REED: ‘My time at STONELEAF was truly magical- I have attended a number of residencies and this one is really different. In part because of its intimacy- both with the incredible landscape and the smaller cohort, gathering for home-cooked meals and conversation. I was able to work both indoors and outdoors, finishing a new site-specific installation on the water before I left. One of the most special aspects of this residency is the time spent with its founders, Helen and Eric, who are so generous and well-versed in aspects of the art world- I learned so much from our conversations! Im also excited to say I will be having my first show in London this fall because of a connection I made at STONELEAF. Im so grateful I was able to attend!’

SINTA TANTRA: ‘Living in London, I decided to apply to the STONELEAF residency in upstate New York, not only to get away from my usual practice in the UK but also to build friendships and connections with other female artists and curators outside of my own network. I had such a wonderful time - Helen and Eric were the perfect hosts fostering a safe and welcoming space for creativity and opportunities to experiment.’